Birth of Pineapple

Pineapple Healthcare as we see and know it today was the creation of

Florida Nurse Michelle Ochoa out of Miami in early September 2020. She rationalized in the midst of the COVID19 Pandemic that greater access to care especially that of infections diseases will forever be essential to all people.  

About Us

Michelle Ochoa

Pineapple Founder

Florida Nurse

Our founding pineapple, mother of three, and nurse. Continues to this day to be the guiding light for which Pineapple Healthcare provides culturally competent care. 

She encouraged the whole Pineapple family to continue to treat all who trust their health to our care with the sincerest warmth and welcome that we would provide to our own family. 

After all we are all one pineapple family.


pineapple page.png

Why Pineapple?

Our Pineapple founder turned to her mother to ask for a symbol to mean welcome for all people. Where everyone could feel comfortable and find care. She provided her with a literal pineapple. With a smile that only a mother knows best, she told her to 'make it grow'. 

Today we know the symbol of the pineapple literally means welcome. It is used all throughout hospitality. Throughout the medical community where views can be overly clinical Pineapple Healthcare seeks to reintroduce warmth feeling of welcome

Ethan Suarez

Pineapple Board President

Chief Executive Officer

Ethan has over 10 years of healthcare experience ranging from inpatient hospice care to emergency medical care. 

Ethan is a Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician and is the jack of all trades at Pineapple Healthcare. 

In his free time Ethan enjoys scuba diving, the beach and local theme parks. 


Erick Suarez

Board Vice President

Chief Clinical Officer 

Nurse Practitioner AAHIV-M

Erick is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner with over 5 years of experience working with LGBT+.


Erick received his BSN from Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Myers and his MSN from Kaplan University. Erick is a member of the American Academy of HIV. He has also attended Post-Graduate continuing education with Harvard School of Medicine for transgender care.


In his free time he enjoys relaxing at home or visiting the local theme parks. 

Katrina Garcia

Administration & Credentialling 

Pineapple Board Secretary 

Katrina has been in healthcare administration for over 10 years. Her passions and motivation are to get answers and help the community. She is currently attending college to get her bachelor's in healthcare administration and plans to continue on for her MBA. 

Her goal is to provide assistance to the community, and fellow colleagues. 

Katrina's life is filled with family, work, and school. Although she always finds a way to lend a helping hand. 


Pineapple Healthcare Today

We are proud to be led by an integrated team of 'Pineapples-of-all-trades' to make our founder's dream of expanding healthcare to as many people as possible a reality. 


Bryan Brubaker


Pineapple Board Member

Bryan earned his doctor of pharmacy degree from Duquesne University in 2011 at which point he relocated to Fort Myers.


While working as a community pharmacist, Bryan taught pharmacology at Florida Gulf Coast University and provided consultations at a local physician's office. After transitioning to ambulatory care at the Lee Health system, Bryan provided access to indignant patients for costly medications leveraging the 340b program. He has since created a new role to improve outcomes for patients with chronic lung disease.


Bryan is now a board certified ambulatory care pharmacist and is currently developing a new pharmacy residency program.

Diego Ulin

Pineapple Board Member

Diego is the owner/operator of Itzayana. He was born in Tabasco, Mexico and raised between both countries.


He graduated from The Culinary Institute of America in 2012. He has worked at several upscale restaurants in NYC, Seattle, Vero Beach and Orlando. 

Itzayana is born out of experience in fine dining and his Mexican heritage.